Be the Commercial Investment Property Tenant Everyone Loves


commercial investment property tenantIt pays to be under a landlord’s good graces because really, why have it any other way? We’re not leasing a commercial property only to get rapped with legal fines and lawsuits in the process. That’s not a contract we wish to get into, now or ever. Besides, if we want to stay for long (get possible discounts) and create a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit then this should come as common sense. But just to keep it clear and specific, we’ve created a guideline on how to become the tenant every landlord loves and wish to have.

    • Read, understand and know all the rules and mandates stated in the lease contract. Be sure to have carefully and completely read and understood everything contained in it before signing one’s name onto it. Not doing so is a recipe for future conflict with your landlord. That and the possibility that your best interests may not be acknowledged throughout the lease.
    • Educate yourself regarding repairs and maintenance concerns. Dilapidations are a very common issue between tenants and their landlords. To avoid this be sure to clarify and put into writing the repairs and maintenance responsibilities of each party in as detailed as possible. This avoids any disputes later on and also helps clarify the responsibility of the tenants and landlords toward each other and with the commercial investment property.

  • Be a good neighbor too. Nobody likes a nuisance and concerns raised against you by your neighboring establishments or tenants will affect the relationship you have with them and your landlord. So avoid blasting loud music or making noise at certain hours. Be polite and throw your garbage properly. Park on your space and do not steal other people’s slots.
  • Always pay rent on time. Of course, all landlords hate not getting their pay on time as promised. Although eviction may not be the immediate action in most cases, unless this has happened for periods on end, it tarnishes trust and may make landlords consider whether they would still allow you to renew the lease. If you can then aspire to pay in advance.
  • Use it as if it were yours.

Love the commercial investment property as if it was your own. Clean, repair and maintain it as you would your own asset. Any landlord will develop rapport and trust in tenants that do. It also says a lot about your company and its values.


What Colors Mean for an Investment Property


interior colorWhen it comes to designing and decorating an investment property, colors play an important role. In fact, it’s often one of the first aspects that owners work on. But aside from preferences and aesthetics, the choice of colors or a combination thereof can also have certain meanings. In some cases, they can even direct the mood of every room.

Care to find out what those colors mean and do? If yes then you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we’re about to discuss today.

·      WHITE

No doubt the color of choice among many investment property owners, white exudes an airy and spacious aura. It helps that this particular hue brightens up any room and with the use of the right light can even further create an illusion of a bigger space. It’s also associated with purity which is why most open houses feature white walls.

·      BLACK

Often used to contrast or tone down other design aspects, black can be many things. For one, it can appear formal and elegant. Sometimes, it can be sad and oppressive so it has to be used wisely.

·      RED

The most dynamic of colors, red is often used as an accent hue. Sometimes, it works as a focal point such as when painted on one side of the wall or on the door. There’s so much energy, strength and passion to it that it is one that stimulates and excites. Because of this, it can keep people awake and even encourage appetite.

·      ORANGE

A more subtle red, orange is also energetic. It’s lively without being too overbearing. It gives off the feeling of adventure, joy and excitement making it a great hue in areas that require energy and productivity.

·      YELLOW

Likewise a stimulant, it is cheerful and happy and bright. It can denote warmth, positivity and encouragement so just like red and orange, it can be very stimulating particularly for the appetite. Ever wondered why most restaurants have interiors in these colors?

·      BLUE

Softer blues are all for serenity, calm and peace whereas the darker ones can feel a little cold and so are used sparingly or simply to contrast and tone down very dynamic colors. It is cool and quiet which is why people like using this shade in areas like the nursery or the bedroom.

·      GREEN

This hue is all about luck, nature and abundance. Of all the other colors in this list apart from white, green is easy on the eyes. It’s refreshing and makes an investment property feel more breathable and fresh.

Updating a Commercial Investment Property on a Budget


commercial investment propertyThe office is where all the action happens. In fact, psychologists suggest that the level of productivity of employees is significantly affected by their surroundings. The more ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing the offices are, the higher efficiency is and the better emotional levels are. But we all know that updates are not going to be easy or cheap to begin with. Still, there are ways to update a commercial investment property even on a budget. Here’s how!

  1. Bring in the greenery.

To begin with, green is a very refreshing color to the eyes. It can give your employees that needed break from the harshness of their computer screens. Plus, plants help freshen up the air. Indoor plants aren’t expensive and not to mention there are many low maintenance options out there. Plus, they simply add some aesthetics into the space.

  1. Add a dash of paint.

A fresh coat of paint on your walls can easily liven up the look of a room. It transforms it from old and boring to new and interesting. You don’t have to stick to neutrals and solid blocks even. You can play it up with accent walls to add some personality into the room. Plus, it doesn’t hurt your budget.

  1. Improve your lighting.

Not only does it change up the aura of a room, it also plays a key role in productivity. Depending on the purpose and the tasks being done in a particular space, its lighting needs will vary. Make sure that you pick choices that are bright enough but not glaring for areas that require a lot of working and dim it a little for let’s say comfort rooms and lunch areas.

  1. Remove old and worn out items.

Furniture and other items like door mats, file cabinets and chairs that are already damaged or faulty should be taken away and replaced. Leaving damaged items inside cramp out space and they don’t even add any functionality.

  1. Make use of affordable touches.

You don’t have to spend on expensive art pieces or other design accents to make the space look inviting. All you need is a little creativity for your commercial investment property. You can find stock images online and add a quote to it. Frame it up and hang it on the walls. Find interesting pieces and those that are an equal amount of quirky and logical. It’ll add a fun touch to a hectic workspace.

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Residential Property Investment Design Hacks


residential-investment-property2Designing one’s residential property investment is fun but then again not all of us are interior decorating geniuses nor have the budget to hire one. So today we decided to dish out some design hacks that are not only easy to do but are also friendly on the budget.

  • Create an accent wall. If repainting an entire room is such a big fuss then why not do just one side of the room? An accent wall can be a contrasting or complementary block of solid color or pattern that makes the space pop. You’ll be surprised at how much aesthetic this can bring.
  • Repaint your door. Paint is a magical ingredient that doesn’t cost much but will give you great results. All you have to do is find and target areas that need its retouching magic. For example your door. Changing up its color or adding a particular texture and pattern can really add drama.
  • Hang random pieces as art. All you’d ever need are command hooks, thumb tacks or nails depending on the surface and material you are working on. If you happen to have hats or necklaces, you can hang them on the wall and make them act as both a piece of clothing and an art. Two bird with one stone eh?
  • Bring out your inner Martha Stewart. It doesn’t hurt to try some DIY projects you know. The internet is filled with all of these and you certainly can find something that’s both easy and cheap to do. Try to focus on those projects that involve upcycling so you can make use of items you already have at home.
  • Add rags and mats. If your floor needs some touch up then you’d be happy to add in color and texture with the use of rags and mats. They’re affordable and come in many sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Plus, you can virtually find them everywhere.
  • Add in plants to the equation. They will not only make the room come alive but they too are good on the eyes. Green is refreshing. But if you want something a little more colorful then add a vase of flowers!
  • Move furniture around. If you think your space looks boring but you don’t have the budget to shell out, you can reinvent your space simply by moving furniture around. Changing up the layout can really make your residential property investment feel new again.

How to Make a Commercial Property for Sale Marketable


commercial-propertyWe can’t deny the fact that the real estate business despite of its challenging ordeals is quite a promising venture. With the right methods and effective management, this type of investments brings about good if not excellent returns. One of the key instruments to ensure that is through proper marketing efforts. So how exactly does one make a commercial property for sale marketable? What should you do to speed up the selling process?

First, you’ll have to prep up the space. This one is particularly obvious, a rule of thumb to say the least. You can’t expect a property to attract buyers and to be sold fast if it doesn’t look promising. Remember that this is a retail space. It’s for business. If it looks forlorn, unkempt and dilapidated then nobody’s going to give it a single glance. There are many ways for you to achieve this, the following for example.

  • Update the walls. Paint is your safest bet here. Not only does it make the space look fresh and brand new but it also opens up the room. Make sure to choose neutral colors particularly white or beige.
  • Clean up the curb. Buyers see the exteriors first. If the outside looks bad enough then they’re going to assume the same for the interiors and vice versa.

Second, perform repairs and maintenance. Replace any worn out fixtures. It would even be a particularly good investment if you update or fix the piping system and electrical wirings beforehand. Buyers would hate to buy an asset that’s got busted pipes and wires. That’s extra work on their part and a huge hassle too.

Third, know your market and target them. Retail properties depending on features, size and location are bound to attract different buyers. You have to know the category or profile of these buyers so you can target them well.

Fourth, advertise effectively. . It takes a great deal of knowledge and proper strategy to get your message across. Even a good retail property for sale will remain unsold if the people interested in it didn’t know that it was up for grabs. You have to make sure that word is out there. Investors are given varying forms of advertising medium. You’ve got traditional forms such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, signage, flyers and posters. There are digital formats such as websites (i.e and banner ads or even social media. Of course, don’t forget about word of mouth

How to Choose a Property Investment UK


property investment UKChoosing a property investment UK is harder than what most people think it is. On the onset, many investors have the impression that the task is one easy matter considering that the United Kingdom is one of the biggest economies and tourism capitals of the world. However, that same reason is what actually makes it particularly challenging.

Why? Many people and business entities are up against each other in buying these assets. If you’re not in it to win it and if you don’t have the chops then you’ll likely fall into the sidelines and out of the game. How does one succeed then? We’ve got some tips for you. Read up!

The right property comes with the right price. The two should come together and the target here is reasonability. A good asset wouldn’t be priced for far lower than its value. Something that looks too good to be true often really is and must raise red flags requiring you to be cautious. There could be hidden damages and costs to it if you don’t scrutinize well. Obviously, something that is overpriced than its market value won’t cut it seeing that it is unlikely to bring back any returns.

Always opt for something that increases in value. You do not want an investment that diminishes over time. Therefore, one must research well and make the right decisions. You have to assess how the combination of various factors can affect your investment and if it is going to appreciate or depreciate to nothingness. We want the former so we have to work for that.

Understand the market dynamics. It is a battlefield out there. If you are left blind then you’ll be left behind or worse trapped in quicksand. You have to be knowledgeable and skilled enough for real property investments whether in the UK or in other parts of the world. You have to understand how the buying and selling markets work, how your competitors think and what your target market wants should you plan to lease or sell it afterwards.

Work with the right professionals. In the course of choosing a UK property investment, you are likely to need the expertise of certain professionals. For example, an agent may be needed to help you find the asset you seek. A surveyor shall be hired to examine and assess the property before closing on it. A lawyer shall take care of legal concerns and so on and so forth.

How to Spot a Good Commercial Property for Sale


If you are planning to invest your money in a certain asset or make a purchase for use in your business operations then you might want to know how to spot a good commercial property for sale. On that note, take a careful study as you read on the following fool proof tips and tricks for guidance.

  1. commercial-building-for-saleTake a look at assets in growth areas. In short, look where constructions of infrastructures are being built. Also know what such buildings are for as well. In the real estate industry, the adjacent assets can appreciate or depreciate the value to your property. A growth area is where jobs are being made and income produced thus it provides for the economy. In short a growth area equals a good investment.
  2. Bluntly ask your real estate agent. Especially for those who know small to nothing about acquiring assets, getting an agent to help you is one of the best decisions you can make. An expert who has the appropriate skills and knowledge strengthened by years of experience can help a blindfolded you cross the bridge safely.
  3. Do a deep and thorough research. With the resources available today such as the internet, books, magazines, video tutorials and even seminars and talks can give you a great head start. By learning as much as you can and actually being hands on with the search, you can spot many options available out there. Hard work is a must and research is part of it. Not all of the best properties out there screams “buy me”. In fact, others may not be for sale at all. You’d have to actually contact and convince some owners to consider your offer.
  4. Look where key establishments are situated. The nearer the property is to certain key establishments like schools, department stores, malls, hospitals, stadiums, movie houses and parks then the more it becomes valuable. Why? Simply because they are in an area where many people will tend to flock to, walk or drop by as they go on with their everyday routines.
  5. The keyword is accessible. Another good sign of a good commercial property for sale is its close distance to transportation hubs such as the main highway, train stations and airports. You want a property where people can easily access it because you would never want your customers to suffer in order to reach you. You’ll soon lose them in the process if you do so.

Tricks to a Better Residential Property Investment


Why do people put their hard earned money into a residential property investment? The answer to that is pretty basic and simple. People want to acquire a home or a property where one can live in or where one can build their dream homes in. At the same time, others do so for purposes of business and profits. They put these assets up for sale or lease to those who need them and reap income. To put it simply a residential property investment is for purposes of living or making a living and to some as both. With that being said, how do you make sure that you only make the best decisions and choices? Here are some tricks to help you do that.

residential-property-investmentObserve how things work in the market. A perfect example to this is the law of supply and demand and how it affects price. Do this not only for properties located in a particular area but also for those that are situated in other places but have similar factors and characteristics.

Read up on investment journals and materials. You have to invest in your skills and knowledge too. Real estate is a serious business and many have fallen prey and wasted their money just because they didn’t know the basics.

Find someone who can guide you along the way. Even with apt skills and knowledge up your sleeves, having a professional or expert alongside you can help a lot. This becomes all the more important if you only know a little to nothing in the real estate industry.

Seek assets in growth areas. If new buildings, roads and structures are on the rise at a particular location, chances are the nearby lots and properties appraise in value. This is particularly true if the new structures provide employment and income.

Take a look at adjacent and nearby establishments too. How close is the residential property to the highway, to a school, to a hospital, mall, convenience store or any other relevant establishment? If it is situated near any of these or many of these then its value is often at a higher bar.

Don’t be swayed by sales talk. Always check everything before you buy any property. Never rely on what the broker or seller says because chances are these are sales talk. Others may be telling the truth but then again some may be sugarcoating or fabricating. Check titles, blue prints and have the property examined by a chartered surveyor.

Put into mind continuing costs too. When putting your money into a residential property investment, never forget about repairs and maintenance costs. They may not reflect now but they will have material impact in the future.

Property Investment Agency Tricks on How to Choose the Best Assets


property investmentHow do you buy the best assets there are? These things, unlike our usual purchases at the convenience store, need more careful examination and careful decision. They are after all a large sum acquisition and no one here has a money bearing tree that they can simply waste their resources. Every asset purchase has to be worth it and how do you do that? Read up on the following property investment agency tricks to learn how.

Always begin with your budget. You need to know how much you can afford and exactly how you plan to fund your purchase. You cannot simply go out there and bring out your wallet. Unless, you’ve got a bank account that’s about to explode then probably you can. A budget is always necessary as it is in itself a plan in digits.

What do you need it for? Why are you buying a property in the first place? Know if you are using it for commercial, industrial or residential needs. This will highly dictate factors like location and size among others. Moreover there may be specifications that you want such as a close proximity towards a particular establishment or a certain type of terrain to work with.

Look beyond the aesthetics. When you are getting a building, look at the structure and not the interiors. See beyond the paint and the decors. Owners, brokers and sellers will always make the place as pleasing and pretty as they can but remember that those furniture and accessories do not always come with the sale. Keep your focus on the structure and other relevant aspects.

Remember that ongoing costs matter. These pertain to repair and maintenance expenses which is something that all assets need. This makes it a good idea to hire a surveyor to ensure that the property is indeed functional and in good condition. They too can provide for a good estimate as to ongoing costs.

Always go for good location. This does not necessarily denote that the best properties out there are only those found in the heart of the metropolis. This means that you have to get those located in growth areas. In many cases, when a asset is accessible or in close to moderate proximity to transportation areas, highways, schools, hospitals and malls, they are considered to be promising.

We sure hope these property investment agency tricks gave you some helpful insight.