Be the Commercial Investment Property Tenant Everyone Loves


commercial investment property tenantIt pays to be under a landlord’s good graces because really, why have it any other way? We’re not leasing a commercial property only to get rapped with legal fines and lawsuits in the process. That’s not a contract we wish to get into, now or ever. Besides, if we want to stay for long (get possible discounts) and create a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit then this should come as common sense. But just to keep it clear and specific, we’ve created a guideline on how to become the tenant every landlord loves and wish to have.

    • Read, understand and know all the rules and mandates stated in the lease contract. Be sure to have carefully and completely read and understood everything contained in it before signing one’s name onto it. Not doing so is a recipe for future conflict with your landlord. That and the possibility that your best interests may not be acknowledged throughout the lease.
    • Educate yourself regarding repairs and maintenance concerns. Dilapidations are a very common issue between tenants and their landlords. To avoid this be sure to clarify and put into writing the repairs and maintenance responsibilities of each party in as detailed as possible. This avoids any disputes later on and also helps clarify the responsibility of the tenants and landlords toward each other and with the commercial investment property.

  • Be a good neighbor too. Nobody likes a nuisance and concerns raised against you by your neighboring establishments or tenants will affect the relationship you have with them and your landlord. So avoid blasting loud music or making noise at certain hours. Be polite and throw your garbage properly. Park on your space and do not steal other people’s slots.
  • Always pay rent on time. Of course, all landlords hate not getting their pay on time as promised. Although eviction may not be the immediate action in most cases, unless this has happened for periods on end, it tarnishes trust and may make landlords consider whether they would still allow you to renew the lease. If you can then aspire to pay in advance.
  • Use it as if it were yours.

Love the commercial investment property as if it was your own. Clean, repair and maintain it as you would your own asset. Any landlord will develop rapport and trust in tenants that do. It also says a lot about your company and its values.