Residential Property Investment Design Hacks


residential-investment-property2Designing one’s residential property investment is fun but then again not all of us are interior decorating geniuses nor have the budget to hire one. So today we decided to dish out some design hacks that are not only easy to do but are also friendly on the budget.

  • Create an accent wall. If repainting an entire room is such a big fuss then why not do just one side of the room? An accent wall can be a contrasting or complementary block of solid color or pattern that makes the space pop. You’ll be surprised at how much aesthetic this can bring.
  • Repaint your door. Paint is a magical ingredient that doesn’t cost much but will give you great results. All you have to do is find and target areas that need its retouching magic. For example your door. Changing up its color or adding a particular texture and pattern can really add drama.
  • Hang random pieces as art. All you’d ever need are command hooks, thumb tacks or nails depending on the surface and material you are working on. If you happen to have hats or necklaces, you can hang them on the wall and make them act as both a piece of clothing and an art. Two bird with one stone eh?
  • Bring out your inner Martha Stewart. It doesn’t hurt to try some DIY projects you know. The internet is filled with all of these and you certainly can find something that’s both easy and cheap to do. Try to focus on those projects that involve upcycling so you can make use of items you already have at home.
  • Add rags and mats. If your floor needs some touch up then you’d be happy to add in color and texture with the use of rags and mats. They’re affordable and come in many sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Plus, you can virtually find them everywhere.
  • Add in plants to the equation. They will not only make the room come alive but they too are good on the eyes. Green is refreshing. But if you want something a little more colorful then add a vase of flowers!
  • Move furniture around. If you think your space looks boring but you don’t have the budget to shell out, you can reinvent your space simply by moving furniture around. Changing up the layout can really make your residential property investment feel new again.