Updating a Commercial Investment Property on a Budget


commercial investment propertyThe office is where all the action happens. In fact, psychologists suggest that the level of productivity of employees is significantly affected by their surroundings. The more ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing the offices are, the higher efficiency is and the better emotional levels are. But we all know that updates are not going to be easy or cheap to begin with. Still, there are ways to update a commercial investment property even on a budget. Here’s how!

  1. Bring in the greenery.

To begin with, green is a very refreshing color to the eyes. It can give your employees that needed break from the harshness of their computer screens. Plus, plants help freshen up the air. Indoor plants aren’t expensive and not to mention there are many low maintenance options out there. Plus, they simply add some aesthetics into the space.

  1. Add a dash of paint.

A fresh coat of paint on your walls can easily liven up the look of a room. It transforms it from old and boring to new and interesting. You don’t have to stick to neutrals and solid blocks even. You can play it up with accent walls to add some personality into the room. Plus, it doesn’t hurt your budget.

  1. Improve your lighting.

Not only does it change up the aura of a room, it also plays a key role in productivity. Depending on the purpose and the tasks being done in a particular space, its lighting needs will vary. Make sure that you pick choices that are bright enough but not glaring for areas that require a lot of working and dim it a little for let’s say comfort rooms and lunch areas.

  1. Remove old and worn out items.

Furniture and other items like door mats, file cabinets and chairs that are already damaged or faulty should be taken away and replaced. Leaving damaged items inside cramp out space and they don’t even add any functionality.

  1. Make use of affordable touches.

You don’t have to spend on expensive art pieces or other design accents to make the space look inviting. All you need is a little creativity for your commercial investment property. You can find stock images online and add a quote to it. Frame it up and hang it on the walls. Find interesting pieces and those that are an equal amount of quirky and logical. It’ll add a fun touch to a hectic workspace.

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