What Colors Mean for an Investment Property


interior colorWhen it comes to designing and decorating an investment property, colors play an important role. In fact, it’s often one of the first aspects that owners work on. But aside from preferences and aesthetics, the choice of colors or a combination thereof can also have certain meanings. In some cases, they can even direct the mood of every room.

Care to find out what those colors mean and do? If yes then you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we’re about to discuss today.

·      WHITE

No doubt the color of choice among many investment property owners, white exudes an airy and spacious aura. It helps that this particular hue brightens up any room and with the use of the right light can even further create an illusion of a bigger space. It’s also associated with purity which is why most open houses feature white walls.

·      BLACK

Often used to contrast or tone down other design aspects, black can be many things. For one, it can appear formal and elegant. Sometimes, it can be sad and oppressive so it has to be used wisely.

·      RED

The most dynamic of colors, red is often used as an accent hue. Sometimes, it works as a focal point such as when painted on one side of the wall or on the door. There’s so much energy, strength and passion to it that it is one that stimulates and excites. Because of this, it can keep people awake and even encourage appetite.

·      ORANGE

A more subtle red, orange is also energetic. It’s lively without being too overbearing. It gives off the feeling of adventure, joy and excitement making it a great hue in areas that require energy and productivity.

·      YELLOW

Likewise a stimulant, it is cheerful and happy and bright. It can denote warmth, positivity and encouragement so just like red and orange, it can be very stimulating particularly for the appetite. Ever wondered why most restaurants have interiors in these colors?

·      BLUE

Softer blues are all for serenity, calm and peace whereas the darker ones can feel a little cold and so are used sparingly or simply to contrast and tone down very dynamic colors. It is cool and quiet which is why people like using this shade in areas like the nursery or the bedroom.

·      GREEN

This hue is all about luck, nature and abundance. Of all the other colors in this list apart from white, green is easy on the eyes. It’s refreshing and makes an investment property feel more breathable and fresh.